Miryam Cissero, Esq.Atty. Cissero measures litigation success by the business advantage gained for clients, not by the length of motions filed or depositions taken. To efficiently achieve that success, she isolates and exploits weaknesses in the opposition’s case, then executes in accountable increments. She often achieves a favorable resolution by preemptive motion — without extensive discovery — or by negotiation after establishing a position of strength.

Atty. Cissero represents and counsels the growing immigrant population focusing on many Latino and regional, and national minority corporations and businesses in a wide variety of commercial transactions. She also advises corporate directors with respect to corporate governance issues and fiduciary duties. Her practice also extends to divorce and family law. Whether she is handling a litigated complex family law dispute, or a settlement agreement for the distribution of assets in a divorce case. Atty. Cissero always provides attentive service, compassion for her clients, and thorough knowledge of the law.

Before starting the law firm, Atty. Cissero worked as an Associate Attorney at Glickman Turley LLP and as a Spanish Language Interpreter for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While in law school she was a law clerk for Judge Moriarty (Ret.) at the Suffolk Probate and Family Court.

Before law school, Atty. Cissero worked for over 10 years for three U.S. Government agencies and prior to that as an Immigration Assistant for Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy’s Office.


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